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Olympiada, built on a natural harbor of Strymonikos gulf, on the northeast side of Halkidiki, is a small and beautiful village among deep green mountains and enchanting beaches. Its visitor can enjoy crystal clear waters that have been awarded each year with “blue flags” (the official award for clean sea waters) during the last years and that are ideal for children (shallow waters) as well as for fishing. One can also relax in the quiet environment, or go hiking/walking on the mountain or visit the many archaeological sites of the area, as well as enjoy a vivid night life, too.

Olympiada was named after the mother of Alexander the Great who was exiled here by king Kassandros, according to the local tradition. The town was built next to the ruins of the ancient town Stagheira, the great philosopher Aristotle’s birthplace, an archaeological site worth visiting (see photos of Aristotle’s Park). Recent excavations in the market place of the town have revealed a “stoa” (tunnel), the ancient acropolis with the city wall surrounding the city, temples and other structures of the 7th century b.C.

There is also the walking route from Olympiada (Natura 2000), an easy but interesting walk across the archaeological site of ancient Stagheira, then among deep forests of chestnut trees, oak trees, beech trees and wild fig trees, which finally through a hunters’ path ends up along the sea coast.

Besides, on July 7, at St. Kyriaki’s celebration, one can enjoy the famous mussels of Olympiada at the “Mussels’ Fair” that includes musical and dance festivities.